Union of Latvian Baptists in America
Amerikas latviešu baptistu apvienība

Rev. Dr. Uldis Ukstins, Chairman
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Bucks County Church celebrated its 107th anniversary on Sept. 16th   Photos: C. Augstroze
 2020. annual meeting will take place  virtually
August 14 and 15.  Worship service August
 at the Latvian Baptist Church of
Applebachsville, PA.  
Program recordings will
be available here (link to
ALBA YouTube channel)
Bucks County Church welcomed guests Bishop Kaspars Šterns and Bishop Emeritus Pēteris
Sproģis  from the Latvia Baptist Association. November 4, 2018
Photos: C. Augstroze
Last year's sacred song concert took place in the Evangelical
Latvian Lutheran Church of St. John in Newtown Square, PA