Our history
The Union of Latvian Baptists in America was founded the 4th of September, 1950.   The founding
meeting took place in the Bucks County Baptist Church.

This Union did not arise in a vacuum.  In 1950, in the United States, several Latvian Baptist
Congregations had already been established in the early 1900's in Boston, Bucks County, Chicago,
Philadelphia and New York.   These congregations had accomplished a great deal, supporting the
Latvian Baptist Union in Latvia's  missions work in the years prior to World War II, supporting the
seminary, orphanages, and construction of churches.   After the war, these congregations assisted
war refugees in Germany with material assistance and also finding guarantors in the Free World for
the refugees.   These congregations also sought to influence American lawmakers and the public's
stance against the occupation of Latvia.   After the wave of immigrants after World War II, the number
of congregation members grew and the field of work also expanded.

An excerpt from "Teici to Kungu" (Praise The Lord), the 50th anniversary publication of the Union of
Latvian Baptists in America by O. Cakars.