Christian Voice
The Christian Voice (Kristīgā Balss) is a Latvian language publication of the Union of Latvian
Baptists in America, published four times a year.  At one time, this was a publication of the
Association of Latvian Baptist Churches in Latvia.  After the occupation of Latvia by the
communists, publishing was no longer possible in Latvia, and  the publication was re-started in
United States by Rev. Adolfs Klaupiks, soon becoming the official voice of the Union of Latvian
Baptists in America.   In 1955, Rev. Rudolfs Eksteins assumed the responsibilities of editor,
continuing to do so for 21 years.  He wrote:

"Let us not forget that, if such a day should come that the Christian Voice would be forced to
cease publication, then we will be lost one to another.  The Christian Voice maintains and
strengthens the ties of Christian brotherhood with our brothers and sisters throughout the world:  
Canada, The United States, South America, Europe, Australia, and even Africa and India."
(Currently 230 copies of each edition are sent to Latvia - OC)  In 1977,  Rev. Uldis Ukstins
assumed the responsibility of editor, but in 1992, Olgerts Cakars became the editor.  The list of
readers and contributors slowly diminishes.  At one time we had 24 subscribers in Australia,
currently there are only six.  In this way, we have reduced the scope of our publication, in the
beginning once a month, then every other month, and now quarterly.   On the other hand, the
number of pages in each issue has increased, and we regularly provide news about events in the
life of the Church in Latvia.  As the editor, I strive to find material that addresses current issues,
such as addressing the newest Latvian language translation of the New Testament.

Subscriptions to the Christian Voice are $15 annually, and can be ordered from the treasurer of
the Christian Voice - Mrs. Lidija Aistars, 10925 Zemgale Rd., Three Rivers, MI   49093

                          Olgerts Cakars, Editor
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December, 2017 (in Latvian language)
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